Open: Conversations for People Considering Open Relationships (PDF)


Stop Living in Fear, Start Loving in Freedom

About 90% of people believe that cheating in a relationship is wrong, and only about 3% believe that it’s not. Yet roughly 50% of people have cheated on their partner, and around 20% do so regularly. This hypocrisy epidemic leads to confusion, pain, and dishonesty in relationships.

Some brave couples explore an open relationship to navigate these challenges, but who can they turn to for advice? Who will be their guide on this delicate and dangerous journey? Open is a set of stories, tools, and conversation starters to help curious committed couples to find the fun and adventure of an open relationship without the fear of pain, betrayal, and deceit.

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Author bio:

Dr. James Whittard is a world leading professor, with 13 years of strict monogamy and 13 years of open relationship experience covering two open marriages. He is a prominent international author and speaker, holding a PhD in social sciences, and has helped thousands of professionals improve their lives. As Dr. Whittard is a globally recognizable public figure, and open relationships are still outside of the diversity and inclusion conversation, his real identity is withheld.