Learn the Critical Conversations
To Have with Your Partner
About an Open Relationship

I'm Dr. James Whittard,
and this is your journey into an open relationship ...

What if in one afternoon you and your partner can learn the conversations you need to have in order to build a healthy open relationship, without the fears of jealousy or secrecy driving you apart?

This is what OPEN can do for you!

It’s a set of stories, tools, questions and conversations that you can use in order to build an amazing open relationship with your partner.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Open is a must-read book for any couple who may be curious about how an open relationship can work for them. This book packs a ton of helpful and practical advice and truly paves the way for couples to get started in the open lifestyle while maintaining a healthy relationship at each and every step (and misstep). If you’re considering opening up your relationship, I recommend that you read Open together with your partner as a fantastic introduction to the Lifestyle.”

– Lexi Sylver, Media Director for SDC.com; 
Sex & Lifestyle Relationship Coach, Educator & Author

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “OPEN is an essential toolkit on your journey of sexual discovery and pleasure. Couples can only push the boundaries if those boundaries are built on solid and firm foundations, where both parties are fully engaged, totally open and 100% in agreement.” 

– Emma Sayle, Founder & CEO, Killing Kittens Ltd.

When my wife and I were first learning how to navigate an open relationship, there was SO LITTLE information available, and most of what’s there isn’t all that practical.

If you and your partner didn’t care about each other, you’d simply cheat on each other. The fact that you’re even reading this means that you value your primary relationship enough to want it to be healthy and improved by an open relationship.

But open relationships are still taboo in most of the world. It’s a bit like being LGBTQ+ in the 1980’s. Open is still a part of the “+” I guess. You can’t talk about it at work, to your family, and even in the small circle you may have confessed to already, you’re likely to be viewed as creepy or unnatural. 

Introducing Conversations for People
Considering an Open Relationship

If you want to have a life-giving open relationship with your partner, follow these steps:


Read OPEN together as a couple


Sit down and have the conversations that are vital to protecting your relationship with each other while exploring sexuality outside of it


Talk to others in an open relationship 

Don’t worry if you’re nervous. That’s normal. Remember, my first time I was in panic mode. I needed this book.

I'm Here to Help ALL People
Wanting to Explore
Open Relationships

About the Author:

I’m a PhD professor in the social sciences, and I’ve had two open marriages collectively spanning 25 years. In this book, I’ve used decades of education and experience to outline a clear set of conversations that you and your partner should have when considering an open relationship.

Inside OPEN


to have the necessary conversations with your partner, so that you can have a great open relationship while
remaining committed to each other.
Part #1

Start With Why

Most people who want to have an open relationship don’t know how to start the conversation with their partner, and they don’t really know how to answer the most critical question of why they want to do so.

In OPEN you’ll learn how to start the conversation with your partner for the very first time, and how to clarify the reasoning behind it in a way that’s non-threatenning for them.

Yet many people aren’t able to clarify their reasons for wanting to pursue an open relationship. I mean, why not just cheat, right? 

Part #2

Evolutionary Psychology and Sex

90% of people consider cheating to be wrong, yet 50% of people cheat on their partners! That’s chronic hypocrisy, and shouldn’t there be more  transparency and honesty in the world. Yet, most people don’t understand the drivers and motivations behind some of our deeper impulses.

In OPEN you’ll find an easy to read guide on why cheating AND monogamy both seem to be valued by the majority of people at the same time. It’s a paradox of evolutionary psychology that can be overcome only in an open relationship.

But still there’s a concern that open relationships are lacking love or trust. 

Part #3

Love, Sex, Trust & Transparency

Many people would equate an open relationship with a lack of a good sex life, or a breakdown in trust, love, belonging, or transparency. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In OPEN, you’ll interact with great stories clarifying the distinctions between love and sex, and encouraging the reinforcing loop of trust and transparency.

And yet some still might say that it’s too risky to navigate an open relationship.

Part #4

The Distinctions of An Open Relationship

Those who think that open relationships are too risky, simply don’t know the right kinds of conversations to have with their partner.

In OPEN, you’ll learn to distinguish between discomfort and pain, allergies and fetishes, rituals and rules, and boundaries and permissions. You’ll have all of the right topics to cover to give you your best chance at a fun and life-giving open relationship with your partner.

And others still struggle with not having the correct tools. 

Part #5

The Open Toolkit

Most of those who think an open relationship is too complicated, simply haven’t seen the OPEN toolkit.

In OPEN, you’ll have examples of couples‘ Open Agreements that you can use to create one of your own. You’ll have a set of checklists that will help you clearly define boundaries for you and your partner. And you’ll have The Conversation Starter to both get the conversation going with your partner, and make sure you cover all of the important decisions you need to make together. 

OPEN IS NOT a quick fix or a marriage counselling course.

This is a set of hard earned and proven tools for starting, discussing, and
maintining a healthy open relationship.



OPEN IS NOT for Everyone


It’s SPECIALLY Designed for

People who want a life-giving open relationship with their partner

No matter which niche you are in. It works perfectly for:

“Hi, My name is Dr. James Whittard
… and I struggled with an open relationship needlessly for years”

Perhaps we have two things in common:

I know how important being in an open relationship is. It can end in catastrophe MUCH MORE EASILY than it can proceed with love and trust and freedom. So I had no choice. I had to learn it.

I clearly remember how hard it was at the beginning. And I don’t want you to experience endless hours that Rachel and I spent trying to discover boundaries and sensitivities, allergies and fetishes. We’d sometimes stay up all night, arguing, confused, committed to each other but struggling to find shared meaning. 

I felt HORRIBLE and OVERWHELMED during those moments. That was…


I Wrote OPEN.

I don’t want you to feel Horrible, Overwhelmed, and Frustrated.

Thanks to this book …

You NEVER EVER have to spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out what you need to discuss in order to have a great open relationship! 

Stop Living in Fear, Start Loving in Freedom

“But it will ruin our relationship”

Actually no, once you have a clear and shared understanding of what you want and why, you and your partner can protect each other while exploring an open sexuality

What I’m trying to tell you is this:

You don’t need to spend 26 years learning to have an open relationship like I did. You can use OPEN and start having that open relationship with your partner right now.


Start the conversation. Start taking action. Start the first chapter in your open relationship. 

OPEN Is Your


This book is a SHORTCUT that helps you start an open relationship without the fears of
jealousy, betrayal, or deceit.

Now is the time.

Stop Living in Fear… and… Start Loving in Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact, the majority of open relationships are between committed partners who are not married. But it works for married couple as well.

No. The principles and tools in OPEN can be used for any relationship of any sexual orientation, provided that the partners want to remain committed to each other.
No. Singles who would like to be in an open relationship will benefit from being clear about what that relationship would look like from their side. This will help them find the right partner much faster.
Yes. There are a couple of very clever tools in OPEN for you to use to start your discussion.


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