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Sarah B., London, UK

Hands down best book on open relationships I have read. And I love Dr Whittard’s witty humour. Makes an easy read!

Sarah B.

London, UK

G. J., London, UK

I can’t believe my partner and I were just winging it. How silly we were. This book has totally changed the way we communicate within our open relationship. The best thing we have implemented after reading this is our agreement. We now are clear on our expectations of each other.

G. J.

London, UK

Andrea J., Los Angeles, USA

I had been in an open marriage for a year when I stumbled upon this book. My relationship with my husband was going downhill and I was looking for ways to fix it. We were missing vital steps, mostly what Dr James calls pain and pleasure. Now we understand this distinction we have stopped hurting each other and now we have a much better open relationship.

Andrea J.

Los Angeles, USA

Harry T., London

We bought and read six other books on open marriages but none of them gave us an actual guide on how to go about it. This book gave a step by step guide on what we should be talking about BEFORE embarking on an open marriage. We are so grateful for what this book gave us. A definite must read!

Harry T.


J.G.R., Manchester

“OPEN saved my marriage! I was thinking about leaving my husband of 14 years because our sex life had dried up. We were like roommates, and what I really wanted was to feel desired again. I didn’t want to cheat, so I read OPEN and then started the conversation with my husband. At first he was hesitant, but after he also read this book, he agreed to explore. We’ve been open for about 3 months now, and still navigating some awkward conversations, but it’s an adventure we’re on together.”



H.T., New York

“This book is sooooo practical. It’s a good read, and easy, but what I really like about it is that there are so many cool tips and tricks that are helping my boyfriend and I figure out how we want our relationship to work. For example, I love the idea that I’m not defending my own boundaries, I’m defending his. That helps me a lot. We’re both in a pace now where we can explore our sexuality within an expanded frame, and it’s made our own sexual relationship a lot hotter too.”

H.T., New York

Media Director for; Sex & Lifestyle Relationship Coach, Educator & Author

J.J.L., Seattle

“Where was this book 20 years ago?? My wife and I are in our early 50’s, married for 31 years, and we just started to explore sex outside of our marriage for the first time. We both knew we wanted to spice things up, but we didn’t know where to start. Open gave us a starting place for figuring things out. And it was super interesting to read. Great stories!”



Lexi Sylver

“Open is a must-read book for any couple who may be curious about how an open relationship can work for them. This book packs a ton of helpful and practical advice and truly paves the way for couples to get started in the open lifestyle while maintaining a healthy relationship at each and every step (and misstep). If you’re considering opening up your relationship, I recommend that you read Open together with your partner as a fantastic introduction to the Lifestyle.”

Lexi Sylver

Media Director for; Sex & Lifestyle Relationship Coach, Educator & Author

Emma Sayle

“OPEN is an essential toolkit on your journey of sexual discovery and pleasure. Couples can only push the boundaries if those boundaries are built on solid and firm foundations, where both parties are fully engaged, totally open and 100% in agreement.”

Emma Sayle

Founder & CEO, Killing Kittens Ltd